"Fibromyalgia is bad, but with (Marnie's) help it can be maintained to an extent- tolerable. What's not to like about someone who can help you?" Sharon. Fibromyalgia-Chronic Pain

"I would love for other women to know that this kind of care is available for their pain. Each visit worked towards reducing the pain until I was no longer having it. What a joy to know this didn't require surgery.  Anita. Pelvic Pain

"After a few weeks of therapy and training my pain levels began to greatly improve! ...Understanding the frustration and needs of her patients makes Marnie a number one PT in her field of expertise. I am forever thankful for her." Angela Pelvic Pain-IC

"It helped to talk to someone who really understood that the pain and soreness I had was real and there was a reason for it. For the first time I really understood what was causing it and there was something I could do about it." Karen. Pelvic Pain-IC

"When you think that the therapy is too simple or easy is when it is working the most. Shannon. Neck-Dizziness

"Go before you get really bad and then relief happens sooner." Tim.  Back Pain

"Until I began therapy with Marnie, I did not fully understand my condition(s) and what to do to improve it. She not only provided me with a caring environment for treatment, but provided me knowledge and information to be able to try to work on issues at home."  Dawn.  Pelvic Pain



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Thank you for your interest in Clemens Physical Therapy, PLLC. We are different from typical outpatient physical therapy clinics in that we specialize in chronic pain in men, women, and children and women's health and pelvic floor rehabilitation. We strive to assist you in providing the best care to your patients by providing conservative physical therapy treatment that works in conjunction with your medical expertise. Most insurances require a referral.  Initial exam findings are sent to you as well as periodic progress reports to keep you informed of your patient's status. 

Besides seeing local patients, we also see people from the entire state as we offer unique treatments not found anywhere else. We have a convenient location with easy interstate access. Late appointments are available to help with seeing people from further distances or those who have to schedule around work hours. While some conditions may optimally require a few visits, we work with patients who have to travel a long distance to minimize the number of trips they have to make.

For your convenience we have provided referral sheets below or feel free to use your own.  If you have specific orders for treatment please include them on your referral.  You can also just check "evaluate and treat".  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with brochures or business cards.  Just contact us at 304-842-6008 or send a fax to 304-842-0060 or CONTACT US by email.

You can find more information about the Conditions We Treat , Why We Are Unique, Who We Are, or see What Patients Say by clicking on the links to these sections. 


Physicians / Physician's Assistants / Nurse Practitioners / Podiatrist: Referral Sheet


Physical Therapists:  Please feel free to contact us if you have a patient you would like to refer.  Phone 304-842-6008, fax 304-842-0060 or CONTACT US by email.