"Fibromyalgia is bad, but with (Marnie's) help it can be maintained to an extent- tolerable. What's not to like about someone who can help you?" Sharon. Fibromyalgia-Chronic Pain

"I would love for other women to know that this kind of care is available for their pain. Each visit worked towards reducing the pain until I was no longer having it. What a joy to know this didn't require surgery.  Anita. Pelvic Pain

"After a few weeks of therapy and training my pain levels began to greatly improve! ...Understanding the frustration and needs of her patients makes Marnie a number one PT in her field of expertise. I am forever thankful for her." Angela Pelvic Pain-IC

"It helped to talk to someone who really understood that the pain and soreness I had was real and there was a reason for it. For the first time I really understood what was causing it and there was something I could do about it." Karen. Pelvic Pain-IC

"When you think that the therapy is too simple or easy is when it is working the most. Shannon. Neck-Dizziness

"Go before you get really bad and then relief happens sooner." Tim.  Back Pain

"Until I began therapy with Marnie, I did not fully understand my condition(s) and what to do to improve it. She not only provided me with a caring environment for treatment, but provided me knowledge and information to be able to try to work on issues at home."  Dawn.  Pelvic Pain



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"When I entered the office on Monday after a weekend in excruciating pain, I was greeted with compassion.  Marnie quickly evaluated the situation and went to work immediately on the problem area.  It amazes me how she can find the problem and put her fingers right on the spot.  I am happy to say after treatment I am back to doing all the activities I enjoy.  Marnie is an amazing therapist.  She is compassionate and professional.  She makes you not only feel better physically but mentally."  Ceffie Haught.  Pelvic and Hip Pain.

"As a dentist, I am aware of people with chronic, difficult-to-treat pain issues who have been helped significantly by Clemens Physical Therapy. My practice routinely refers patients to Dr. Marnie Clemens for evaluation and treatment of jaw joint and facial pain. For several years now, my patients and I have been very pleased with her methods of treatment and the results obtained. Dr. Clemens is knowledgeable, gentle, and effective and has greatly improved the quality of many lives. I am also a patient of Dr. Clemens. As a patient, I'm very satisfied with the results and treatment received from her and am glad to offer my recommendation." Steven T. Curry D.D.S

"The first time I saw you was for a sciatic nerve problem.  I had the pain for approximately two weeks whe I went to my regular doctor.  He suggested physical therapy and I had heard from other people that you really helped them.  I had slept very little for two weeks before I came to see you.  After my first treatment with you, I slept for four to five hours which was great.  As I continued to receive your treatments, the pain got less and less until it went away.  I have recommended you to several others who were having sciatic nerve problems and several told me they came to you and you really helped them.  I have no problem recommending you to anyone who has a sciatic nerve problem.  I can honestly say that you treatments have made me feel much better and has relieved a great deal of the pain I was in.  I feel confident that once I have finished my treatments with you, I will be as well as I can be.  I again wish to express my appreciation for the treatment you have given me which I feel has been very professional and the best that can be given. "  Harold Stan Yost. Back Pain

"I really enjoyed the experience at Clemens Physical Therapy.  The staff was really nice and comforting which is extremely important in patient care and recovery.  The techniques that were applied to help my pain did help reduce not only my pain but the anxiety that I experienced while dealing with it.  I thing information on myofascial abdominal/pelvic pain would be beneficial for patients who deal with the same kind of pain I did.  Thank you so much!"  Desirae Templeton.  Pelvic Pain

"The benefits I gained from the treatment was the reason why I was in pain and what could be done to get better.  I never understood why I was in so much pain and what could be causing this.  Marnie was very helpful in explaining this condition and told me she has treated others.  What helped the most was learning to relax the muscles.  Marnie even recommended (treatment) to use at home which has been so very helpful.  With Marnie's help, my husband and I have been able to have sex without pain.  I still suffer from this condition but I am able to manage it with what Marnie has taught me.  I liked that Marnie made me feel comfortable and was very open with any questions I had.  I have learned this condition isn't the same with every woman.  Thank you Marnie for helping me understand this condition and teaching me how to manage the pain.  You have given me hope that I may be able to start a family.  Also my marriage is more stable not that my husband understands this condition more and being in less pain gives us more of an opportunity to have intimacy in our marriage.  N.G. Pelvic Pain, vulvodynia

"I was diagnosed with coccygodynia.  I was in severe pain and unable to sit.  My doctor ordered physical therapy and a friend recommended Clemens Physical Therapy.  From the moment I walked in, I was welcomed with a friendly staff member.  Once I met with Marnie and gave her my symptoms, she explained the plan of action for me in detail and answered all my questions.  I believe what impressed me the most was the one on one treatment I had with her at every session and she was never hurried.  The atmosphere was so relaxing.  Marnie spoke personally with my physician to make sure I was getting the exact therapy he was recommending.  I never had to wait past my appointment time (to be seen).  When my doctor ordered a kneeling chair, Marnie brought her personal chair in to let me try it and to instruct me on how to sit on it to prevent injuring myself before I purchased one.  Patients just don't get that type of care all the time.  If I ever need therapy again, I would definitely return to Clemens PT.  Lastly, I have had PT on several occasions at other facilities and did not have good experiences, on many occasions I felt it was a waste of my time.  Clemens Physical therapy was completely different."  D.S. Coccygodynia, Tail Bone Pain

"Marnie proved to me that she has a thorough understanding of the only symptomatic treatment of fibromyalgia.  She and her staff provide an intimate and relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to getting better.  Although I know I will never be free of fibro, it is comforting to know that when I'm experiencing a bad flare, I can turn to Marnie and crew for help."  Linda.  Fibromyalgia

"Dr. Clemens was very polite and professional, along with all of her staff.  She provides excellent information regarding your condition and instructs you through all exercises to make sure they are done properly.  I have gained excellent benefits from treating with her and have seen amazing results quickly."  Kelly.  Vaginal Prolapse

"I have suffered from neck pain/ migraines for at least 10 years and more recently, severe jaw pain.  With the new diagnosis of TMJ my dentist recommended physical therapy.  I am a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) and knew of Marnie's excellent reputation.  My treatment was very successful.  Marnie and her office manager, Teri, always made me feel at ease and were always professional.  I have been out of therapy for several months now and am pleased to report that I seldom have any jaw pain and my neck pain/ Migraines are far less frequent.  I continue to follow my home exercise program and thank God for leading me to such a wonderful therapist!. " C.Y.  PTA.  Headaches, Migraines, TMJ

" I was diagnosed with and enlarged prostate several years ago.  I was treated with medications for years to no avail.  I was referred to the Cleveland Clinic for treatment.  They told me I did not need medication, I needed physical therapy.  Clemens PT is the only place to provide the treatment I needed in the area.  Thanks to Dr. Clemens, I no longer have any of the issues that I had dealt with all these years, after only a few months of treatment." S.B.Male Pelvic Pain, Prostatitis.

"After being in severe pain for many weeks, I was given a recommendation about your clinic.  I made an appointment and was seen right away.  I first noted the gentle, warm touch of your hands.  They seemed to have a magic touch on my pain area.  I could not notice any pressure in your touch but my spine seemed to realign after a few treatments.  After 4 weeks...I was completely well.  Prior to this time, I had had 4 spinal injections."  S. Brown. Back Pain

"I broke my tail bone during the delivery of my son 11 years ago.  Since then, I have suffered from chronic lower back pain and hip pain.  I had tried physical therapy and chiropractic and experienced little or no relief.  So, I was very skeptical when my family doctor referred me to Marnie.  I was in so much pain that I decided to try (it).  My first visit I was in unbearable pain.  Marnie and her staff were very understanding and concerned about my pain.  After a couple of visits, the pain started diminishing.  After a few weeks of therapy, I felt better than I have in a long time. I highly recommend Clemens Physical therapy,  even if you have tried other therapies."  Leisa. Back, Hip, Coccygodynia, Tail Bone Pain

"After only 3 sessions, Marnie supplied me with information on the causes of stress incontinence and she instructed me on the proper way to perform Kegel exercises as well as additional exercises to strengthen my bladder muscle.  As a result, I have significantly less "leakages" which has greatly improved my life, both physically and emotionally.  Marnie made me very comfortable.  I felt like she was a friend from the beginning.  I would definitely recommend her."  Debbie.  Incontinence

"The first time I went for treatment I had a hard time walking and bad back pain.  After hands-on treatment and exercises I was pain free and able to walk and exercise. (The following year) I returned again with a new ailment.  I could not raise my left arm.  Marnie with her magic hands again with hands-on therapy and exercises again cured my ailment and I could use my left arm.  Again I returned (the next year) because I could not turn my neck.  I had a stiff neck and it was dangerous to drive.  Marnie again came to my rescue with hands-on therapy and exercise.  She has always made me in better shape and helped me.  I recommend to everyone and her demeanor is very pleasant; as I tell everyone she has magic hands!!"  Geraldine. Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

"Although I was in therapy for a potentially embarrassing condition, I felt comfortable and at ease right away due to Dr. Clemens' manner.  I always felt I was in a learning situation during therapy.  From Dr. Clemens I learned how my body functions and what I can do to enhance the functioning.  She guided me through the exercises, always making me feel I was in control.  However, I always felt she was aware of my individual strengthen and weaknesses.  My time with (her) was very positive. " Lisa.  Incontinence, Posture

" (Dr. Clemens) was the first medical person in a year and a half of treatment who explained CLEARLY what was wrong with me and why I hurt and what could be done to help me. I can now get more sleep at night, less pain night and day and know what not to do.  I actually have some normal days now."  Beverly.  Pelvic Pain

"My son was born in the fall of 1966.  During the delivery my tailbone was broken causing much pain in my lower back area.  I have been to many chiropractors in search of relief which never came.  I heard of Dr. Clemens from my sister.  After my first two sessions, I knew that her techniques were the correct protocol for me.  My visits were very pleasant.  I found the staff to be very cordial and extremely helpful.  (They) are to be commended on their professional attitude toward their patients.  I feel Dr. Clemens has treated my symptoms with great expertise and superior knowledge to keep my back healthy and pain free."  Linda. Back Pain, Coccygyodynia, Tail Bone Pain.

"When I first came to Clemens Physical Therapy, I had a lot of problems with urine leakage.  I couldn't exercise or even walk down the street in a hurry without leaking.  I had to wear some kind of pad for leakage all the time.  Now I exercise and even run without leakage.  I never wear a pad anymore.  The machine she has was very helpful.  I could actually "see" if I was doing the exercising properly.  Dr. Clemens (Marnie) was very easy to work with.  She made me feel very comfortable about talking about a sensitive subject." Terry. Incontinence

"After having 2 children back to back, the doctors knew I had a problem but they just couldn't figure out what it was. I hurt so bad that I would cry constantly and became depressed. I finally saw a Pelvic Floorspecialist, Dr. Sutkin at Magee's Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. He told me I had scar tissueand tissue that was unable to relax and gave me the option of physical therapy. It was humiliating to even think of what physical therapy would be like for me. He wanted me to travel to Cannonsburg, PA for treatment. Someone (who) finally gave me Dr. Clemens' name which was a godsend because it was only 10 minutes from my house instead of 90 minutes. I couldn't believe the professionalism, the relaxed atmosphere and the progress we made. I was there every week for 5 months and quite honestly it changed my life. I had been so ready to give up. I knew I wasn't alone with the type of pain I had. I only stopped going because I moved away but I still recommend her services to my friends that live in the area. As if that wasn't enough, my incontinence issue was fixed too. She gave me back a VERY important part of my life and I will be eternally grateful."  LaRae Pelvic Pain

"Marnie's treatment for my conditions was remarkable.  I was free from pelvic pain from the first time in years.  She was gentle, compassionate, and very informative.  She explained my conditions in detail and helped me realize I'm not alone- she treats others with these physical conditions.  I feel welcome and comfortable with both her and her staff.  I've already referred several of my friends to her and informed my doctor about her ability to help with pelvic floor patients."  R.G Pelvic Pain, Constipation

" By showing the proper way to do Kegel exercises which I did not know existed until Magee referred me to you, has improved my incontinence.  Although, I must admit the exercises must be done everyday or the condition persists."  K.L. Incontinence

" I had several issues that led to my doctor prescribing physical thearpy. I had experienced a very difficult pregnancy which ended with a c-section.  Following the c-section I was unable to mobilize my body as necessary to recover due to issues with vast amount of fluid my body was retaining as a result of issues with my kidneys during the pregnancy.  I had undergone several surgeries post pregnancy to resolve issues with my kidneys and several to address the pain I experienced from abdominal adhesions that had resulted from the c-section.  The pain was interfering with my daily life.  Several normal daily activities were very painful if not impossible for me.  I struggled to do laundry, basic house cleaning, driving was uncomfortable, sitting at my desk at work caused a great deal of pain, handling my child was difficulty, lifting, bending, even walking through the grocery store all were sources of severe pain for me.  After several attempts as surgically removing the adhesions my doctor and I decided that ratherthan try another surgical attempt that maybe I should try some physical therapy.  The surgeries would give me relief for about 3-4 months , but they came with their own set of problems including a recovery period each time the procedure was performed. I began physical therapy at Clemens Physical Therapy and after a few sessions I began noticing big differences in my levels of pain and range of motion.  I could bend over and touch the floor with little difficulty.  I could transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer without pain.  After sitting for long periods of time it was not so painful to try to stand or after standing for long periods of time my abdominal area did not hurt like it had before. I continued noticing vast improvement in my abilities.  I can walk through the grocery store and not suffer near the pain that it would cause prior to my treatment. My body holds less fluid as I am able to move around easier and more frequently.  The swelling in my ankles, knees, and abdomen is a fraction of what it was before.  I can handle my child who is not 3 without such difficulty and exhaustion.  The area around my right kidney that was sore and scarred from the nephrostomy tubes that had been placed there during my pregnancy are only mildly bothersome instead of constantly painful.  I think the PT is definitely a less invasive and more effective way of treating my type of adhesion pain and restrictions."  Melissa. Pelvic Pain, Post-Pregnancy, Adhesions, Scar Tissue.

"I was referred to Marnie by my gynecologist. I was suffering with pelvic pain that radiated down my legs. I learned that it was from scar tissue that was pressing on a nerve. Each visit worked towards reducing the pain until I was no longer having it. What a joy to know this didn't require surgery. ...What helped the most was the hands on physical therapy but I believe that the knowledge Marnie gave me in understanding my condition and my treatment were very healing as well. I am also thrilled to have learned some biofeedback which I've continued to use in all kinds of situations. There is so much that I liked about this care. From the kindness of Teri and Faith at the front desk to the sweet and gentle disposition of Marnie. Each visit was a blessing. Marnieis so knowledgeable about so many things. She is so compassionate and caring. She never made me feel silly about my complaints or concerns, rather she listened to me with understanding and taught me a lot about my pain, my body, my care, and my health. I would love for other women to know that this kind of care is available for their pain. I had no idea that such a problem existed until I had it. I'm just so glad that my doctor knew to send me to Marnie." Anita. Pelvic Pain

"After dealing with a knee injury and tendonitis that wouldn't heal, I went to see Dr. Clemens.  She quickly observed my gait and determined that I was not moving my leg correctly.  My pain decreased, range of motion increased, until I currently have no pain and almost total range of motion.  Rebecca.  Knee

"I found my treatments at Clemens Physical Therapy very relaxing and rewarding.  I had suffered from back pain for a rather long time.  It was very rewarding how quickly I got back to feeling normal again and pain free.  I am an ardent golfer and it was amazing how quick I was back to my favorite pastime.  Willis.  Back Pain

 "You do a fine job and my therapist was so caring and helpful, was very knowledgeable, never rushed me.  Thanks for being here."  Daisy.  Trigger Finger

"I've known Marnie for the past 20 years. There have been times in my life when I had upper and lower back problems.  Marnie has been a Godsend in helping to alleviate my pain.  She has a "special touch" that brings almost instant relief.  I'm glad she is par of my life!"  A.R. neck and back pain

"By the time I sought treatment for tailbone pain with Marnie, I had suffered for several months.  And by suffer, I mean experiencing pain when sitting and when rising from a seated position.  Since this is something most people don't experience, or ever hear about, I was thrilled to have someone (Marnie) validate, that yes, my tailbone was crooked, that there was treatment available, and that there was hope that my condition would improve.  And it did, thankfully.  My only regret is that I didn't seek treatment sooner.  Marnie has the expertise and knowledge to deal with this type of pain.  There's no need to suffer silently or be ashamed to talk about your tailbone.  Let Marnie help!  JoEllen.  Tailbone Pain-coccygodynia

"Clemens Physical Therapy fixed my neck pain so I could have a pain-free workday.  As a dental profesisonal, my schedule is very hectic so the flexible appointment times made my life easier.  Whitney. Neck Pain

" I gained benefits from treatment by not having to go through surgery for my incontinence.  I liked the exercises because they helped the most.  I like knowing that there are other options besides surgery. S.R.. Incontinence

"My experience benefited me in that my posture was greatly corrected and use of my arm was very much improved. I think one of the most positive lessons an individual can walk away with from therapy is the awareness factor-awareness of what needs to be improved, how it ca be done, and attention brought to what we take for granted as being correct...." Mary.  TOS thoracic outlet syndrome

" I was skeptical at first because I have had many types of treatment with little relief. The other methods were more aggressive and almost painful. Marnie's methods were different, very gentle, and very effective. She is very knowledgeable and very helpful. I learned what to do when a headache would start. She taught me how to relax certain muscles and how to pay attention to the alignment of the jaw. (I gained) tremendous relief from tension in the jaw and headaches. After treatment the headaches went away and the neck/back pain significantly decreased. The staff is friendly and office hours are convenient for those who work." Kim. TMJ-Headache-Neck/Back Pain

"I have interstitial cystitis (IC) and pelvic floor dysfunction The pain associated with this condition was limiting me physically and was very frustrating because no one seemed to understand...until...after a friend suggested that I go to Clemens PT to see if this type of PT would help me. Soon after my pain problems definitely began to turn around for the better. I was having trouble sitting, walking, bending and traveling long distances. I had also seen several doctors and tried different medications. After a few weeks of therapy and training my pain levels began to greatly improve! I could move again and even my back pain also improved. Marnie also gave me exercises to do at home and tips on what to do and what not to do that might aggravate my condition. (I feel that) one on one PT, education on condition, and understanding the frustration and needs of her patients makes Marnie a number one PT in her field of expertise. I am forever thankful for her. (A doctor at Cleveland Clinic) stated "I was a step ahead of the game". He was impressed. " Angela.Pelvic Pain- IC

" I liked being able to talk to Marnie and get clear and direct answers to my questions. It also helped to talk to someone who really understood that the pain and soreness I had was real and there was a reason for it. She also made it clear that I was not the only one with this problem. For the first time I really understood what was causing it and there was something I could do about it. I had read about PT for IC but had no idea that there was anyone in the area who was trained to treat it. The constant pain and soreness I experienced in my pelvic area was helped by the manual therapy. " Karen. Pelvic Pain-IC-Fibromyalgia

"Go before you get really bad and then relief happens sooner. (I liked) the kindness, gentle treatment (and) relaxing atmosphere. (I had) relief from spasms and back pain." Tim. Back Pain

"Do not assume you have to live with chronic pain. Marnie's specialized skills kept me from going to the pain clinic which was my next option. I liked (her) caring and professional attitude that she displayed at each visit. She is dedicated to helping patients get better so they can live a better quality life-style. I gained relief from my chronic tailbone pain. I am thankful to have learned of her specialized skills and services. I would recommend her to others seeking relief from chronic pain." B. H. Pelvic Pain, Coccygodynia, Tailbone Pain.

"Marnie always explains what causes the condition and what she will do to alleviate the pain. (I like) the gentle manual ttherapy without the usual soreness of most other therapy. Marnie has never failed to provide complete relief." Louis. Shoulder- Rotator Cuff

" Whatever Marnie does is great. (I had) relief from groin pain.  (Her) treatment works! I tell all my friends. " Pris. Back and Groin Pain.

"After physical therapy, my neck pain and headaches decreased and I also gained more jaw movement.  Great physical therapist and office staff! (I like) knowing services are available to assist without surgery."  C.S. TMJ, Headache, Neck Pain.

"After the first appointment I had relief.  Marnie and her staff are great!.  I never had to wait and felt like I had 100% of Marnie's attention while being treated.  Melissa. Back Pain-Sciatica

"... there is a really good health alternative in going to Marnie for diagnosis and treatment. She is a great resource for this area! (I was helped by) strengthening my muscles from the exercises, learning how to hold my body differently, (and) finding out the physical reasons for the pain that are not the usual pat explanations. I liked the pilates machine exercises and specialized exercise I did at home. (I benefited from a) decrease in pain (and) increase in strength in back and hips." Joanne. Back Pain

"(My daughter's) therapy was only for a short time, however, in that time her bowels were more regular, and control of breathing and relaxation was improving.  Triggers for bladder pains were learned.  The staff at Dr. Clemens' office is fabulous. They are friendly and outgoing as well as accommodating and understanding.  Dr. Clemens herself possesses a wealth  of information and is very helpful. It would be helpful if others know of the services offered by Dr. Clemens and of how she can help you feel better and live a more productive life. D.H. Mother of M.H. Pelvic Pain

"The treatments and exercises helped me tremendously.  The privacy and the general atmosphere of the office was relaxing.  Sometimes you don't realize the benefits of the treatments until you are finished with them."  Shirley. Fibromyalgia

" The responsibility of my recovery ... was contingent upon my being compliant with my treatment plan. I was in charge of my own recovery. (I benefited from a) full recovery." Randy. TMJ

"(Treatment at Clemens Physical Therapy with) hands on physical therapy helped a lot with the pain. (I liked) that you took time and (I) wasn't rushed through." Betty. TMJ

"(After treatment) I am free of pain and able to do more things. I feel it would help others with the sam problems that I have.  I have told many people how (Marnie) could help their back pain.  William.  Back Pain

"Until I began therapy with Marnie, I did not fully understand my condition(s) and what to do to improve it. She not only provided me with a caring environment for treatment, but provided me knowledge and information to be able to try to work on issues at home. Helping the patient to understand his/her condition(s) and how the body works is very important I think and helpful. Marnie actually cares about you and your treatment. Getting info out to the public about women's pelvic issues is also important, as most are led to believe for years that "its all in their head". (I liked) that the staff-all of them-were very willing to assist with insurance and billing and processing of paperwork....good information in regard to my condition that I could not gain anywhere else (with) treatment in a relaxing and caring environment."Dawn. Pelvic Pain

" (I liked) the treatment thoroughness, answered questions, and complete resolution of symptoms. (I feel that) early recognition of cause of symptomatology (helps the most)." David Pelvic Pain

"You are the best I could see. I could see progress in just a month of therapy.  I have tried injections, water exercise....your methods were the best.  After 14 years of different methods and severe pain, I feel my back pain will be much better."  Mary Jo. Back Pain

" (I benefited from Marnie's) gentle way of relieving the pain and information on how to keep it from coming back, relief from the pain, (and) information on how to sit." Edna Neck Pain

" Marnie's magic fingers (gave me) relief from pain. (I liked) the relaxing atmosphere (and) great treatment. Get there before you get too bad-the worse you are when you come the longer it takes." Oliva. Neck Pain

"When you think that the therapy is too simple or easy is when it is working the most. (I liked) the non-invasive, very relaxing, non-painful (treatment that gave me) relief from dizzy episodes for a period of 6 months to 1 year." Shannon. Neck-Dizziness

"Fibromyalgia is bad, but with (Marnie's) help it can be maintained to an extent- tolerable. My fibromyalgia, migraines and RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy were) helped. Marnie listens, is compassionate and does her job at the very best of her abilities. She's dedicated to helping you (and is) kind and caring. Her office staff are great as well. It is hard for RSD, Fibromyalgia and migraines, but give Marnie a chance at helping. What's not to like about someone that can help you?" Sharon. Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Pain

"Everything seemed to help a lot. (I gained) more mobility in all areas with less inflammation, a decrease in the number of migraines, (and) the ability to keep my SI joints more functional. " S.S. Neck Pain-Migraines, SI-sacroiliac / Back Pain