"Fibromyalgia is bad, but with (Marnie's) help it can be maintained to an extent- tolerable. What's not to like about someone who can help you?" Sharon. Fibromyalgia-Chronic Pain

"I would love for other women to know that this kind of care is available for their pain. Each visit worked towards reducing the pain until I was no longer having it. What a joy to know this didn't require surgery.  Anita. Pelvic Pain

"After a few weeks of therapy and training my pain levels began to greatly improve! ...Understanding the frustration and needs of her patients makes Marnie a number one PT in her field of expertise. I am forever thankful for her." Angela Pelvic Pain-IC

"It helped to talk to someone who really understood that the pain and soreness I had was real and there was a reason for it. For the first time I really understood what was causing it and there was something I could do about it." Karen. Pelvic Pain-IC

"When you think that the therapy is too simple or easy is when it is working the most. Shannon. Neck-Dizziness

"Go before you get really bad and then relief happens sooner." Tim.  Back Pain

"Until I began therapy with Marnie, I did not fully understand my condition(s) and what to do to improve it. She not only provided me with a caring environment for treatment, but provided me knowledge and information to be able to try to work on issues at home."  Dawn.  Pelvic Pain



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Q: Do you take insurance?

A: We are in-network and accept most insurances, including but not limited to:

Blue Cross, Medicare, Medicaid, PEIA, Cigna, Aetna, Tricare, 4Most, Great West, Carelink, Health America, Health Plan, Select Net, UMWA, United Health Care.  You are responsible for the patient's portion of payment and any co-pays.  Call our office at 1-304-842-6008 if you have any questions.


Q: Do I need a physician's referral?

A: Most insurances require a physicians referral for coverage of physical therapy services.  Call if you have any questions about the requirements of your specific insurance. 

Q: What do I need to do for my first appointment?

A: Please bring a copy of your physician's referral (if needed), your insurance or medical card, a picture ID (such as a driver's license), a list of medications you are taking, and information on your medical history.   It is easiest if you are wearing comfortable clothing in which you can move easily. 

Q: How long will each visit last?

A: Most treatments last 60 minutes but may be more or less depending on individual needs.

Q: How may visits will I need?

A: This is variable depending on your problem.  Some conditions may only require a few visits, while others may require more depending on how severe or chronic it is.  We understand that time is important and will work with you to make your recovery as fast as possible.  It is also important for you to follow through with your therapy "homework".  We will give you specific recommendations and exercises to help.  We also work with patients who are traveling long distances to try to minimize the number of visits you will need. 

Q: Why should I see a physical therapist for my bladder control (incontinence) or pelvic pain problem?

A: Physical Therapists are specialists in the treatment of muscles, joints, and movement for function.  Most people do not realize that often bladder control or pelvic pain relate to weakness or spasm of the pelvic floor muscle.  Not all physical therapists specialize in treatment of this area so it is important to find one who works with pelvic floor rehabilitation or women's health issues. 

Q: My problem is of a "sensitive" nature and I am concerned about coming for treatment.

A: Most people are more familiar with a typical outpatient physical therapy setting in which there is a common gym area with open treatment rooms and a lot of people around.  We specialize in the treatment of chronic pain and women's health issues and our office is set up differently.  We have small private rooms and only see 1-2 people at a time.  Special care is taken to make sure you feel comfortable and we will explain the examination and treatment and answer any questions you may have.