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Face Pain and Physical Therapy

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Face pain caused by inflamed or damaged nerves can cause significant dysfunction and visible changes in the face. Bell palsy can occur when the nerve that controls the movement on 1 side of the face becomes inflamed, often suddenly. Neuralgia, or nerve pain can be caused by compression of the nerve in the neck or head.

Once your medical practitioner has evaluated you to rule out more significant issues with similar symptoms such as stroke or active infection, Physical Therapy can help by finding out your limitations, then work to restore movement and ease pain. Education and home exercise can also help return you to normal function.

Common Symptoms of Face Pain:

  • sudden weakness of one side of face

    • inability to close one eye

    • facial drooping

    • eye dry or teary

    • difficulty speaking

    • difficulty chewing

** CAUTION: some of these symptoms can indicate a serious issue such as a stroke and you should be seen by medical care immediately to rule this out, especially if you have arm/ leg weakness, vision changes, headache, confusion.

Conservative Physical Therapy management of knee pain may include:

  • Modalities: such as heat and ice

  • Manual Therapy:  “hands on” treatment to improve pain and restore function and movement. 

  • Mobilization and Manipulation:  movement of a joint to improve pain and restore functional movement.

  • Therapeutic Exercise:  specific exercise to improve pain and restore functional movement. 

  • Functional Movement Training:  exercises to improve posture and movement.  

  • Electrical Stimulation or TENS:  used to help improve pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, muscle function, and circulation.

To schedule an appointment with Clemens Physical Therapy call 304-842-6008

Physical Therapists are specialists in restoring movement and function related to muscle, bone, or joint dysfunction.  They often work to improve pain and disability.  To learn more about PT or find one in your area, check out a consumer oriented site on PT here

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