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Headaches and Physical Therapy

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Approximately one in six people experience headaches; one in nine people experience migraines. Some episodes are severe enough to cause lost work or a visit to the physician or hospital for treatment. Children may even be affected by severe headaches or migraines that affect their schoolwork and recreational activities. 

Physical therapy can help decrease the tight muscles that put tension on the sensitive nerves in the head and neck. Posture can also play a role and can be improved with exercises and functional training. Physical therapy is best suited for headaches related to problems with the neck joints or muscle tension.

Conservative Physical Therapy Management of headaches may include:

  • Modalities: such as heat and ice

  • Manual Therapy:  “hands on” treatment to improve pain and restore function and movement. 

  • Mobilization and Manipulation:  movement of a joint to improve pain and restore functional movement.

  • Therapeutic Exercise:  specific exercise to improve pain and restore functional movement. 

  • Functional Movement Training:  exercises to improve posture and movement.

  • Biofeedback:  a way of using a computer or other device to “see” and improve body functions such as muscle activity or indicators of stress.   

  • Electrical Stimulation or TENS:  used to help improve pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, muscle function, and circulation.

To schedule an appointment at Clemens Physical Therapy call 304-842-6008

Physical Therapists are specialists in restoring movement and function related to muscle, bone, or joint dysfunction.  They often work to improve pain and disability.  To learn more about PT or find one in your area, check out a consumer oriented site on PT here.

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